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Last week with my friend, I am so sad to say goodbye. We went on an adventure on one night, all the way to zone 6! We were supposed to see a TV recording but the timings are really tight and there are no cabs in zone 6 – I am never going to zone 6 again – and missed it. Still, we had a great time together. And to the theatre another night. I met up with a friend of a friend, it was nice to meet someone new.


Ramping up on javascript, so painful and just feel confused and overwhelmed all day every day. But this is normal, and I just need to get past this. Frustrating, as last year I was going through this on Android, and I feel like my career has gone nowhere in the interim. But work-work isn’t everything, and I’ve done other things.

Headed to Manchester for the womENcourage event. Good to catch up with people I know who also went. Really exhausting but an awesome day, really enjoyed he talks, and the unconference session was really fun.


Brunch at Camino, which was lovely and pretty reasonable. Dinner at the Troubador Cafe – we had some fun and started with desert. Sushi at Sticks N Sushi which was amazing, and also at Kulu Kulu Sushi which was fast and cheap and good – especially the tamago.

In Manchester I stayed at the Arora Hotel, wasn’t a big fan – no conditioner, no lotion (I hate hotels that don’t have conditioner), and someone locked on my door at 2am.


Went to see X-Pose at Southbank, which was amazing – gorgeous pictures, I really, really loved it. Bought some postcards, I can send out to people. Very tempted by a print, but it has been an expensive month! So I didn’t get one.

Also caught the Beautiful Science exhibit at the British library, which was cool. Florence Nightingale’s rose charts were a highlight for me. Small exhibit though.

Saw The Book of Mormon, which was absolutely fantastic. Best musical, or play really, I have ever seen. Really funny, in a smart way. I loved it.

Finished Chelsea Wives (light relief) and Principled Centred Leadership (oh finally, much as I loved 7 Habits I got nothing out of this book. It was so high on words and light on content).

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Totally feel you on the pain from ramping up on JavaScript–I was going through that all last week in this D3 visualization we’re trying to build and it was just unbelievably painful and slow. But I finally turned a corner this week and felt like I was on top of the world!! It’s funny to me that programming can have such high highs and low lows, so it can be hard to stay emotionally healthy and stable. It does help when more experienced people remind me that “that’s normal” though I only believe that more as I experience it myself directly and collect pieces of evidence I can remember to point to for confidence in my ability to learn and get it eventually.

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