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Last day in NYC, and I finally made some progress on The Project I’ve been procrastinating on, and chilled out. Flew back on the redeye, which was turbulent and so even more exhausting! Mostly just getting on top of things again, and hanging out with my friend who is in from Sydney, although I also met up with a new Twitter friend, which was awesome. But got some good gym time in so that was good! 4 lots of cardio and a yoga class. The yoga class (anti-g) was hard, I have not been doing enough lately. Trying to make that more of a priority.

Really want a break, and the light festival in Frankfurt looks amazing, so I booked a trip there to coincide with it. Can’t wait!


Finally back to coding after all the non-coding stuff I’ve been doing lately! Writing javascript again for the first time in ages.


Ate at Hakkasan, which has been on my todo list. Food was great, especially the deserts – wow! But pretty expensive. Also at Busaba Eathai which was pretty nice. Highlight was sushi at Dozu which was amazing.


Still reading Principle-Centered Leadership  by Stephen R. Covey (7 Habits guy), read Sense and Sensibility – the Joanna Trollope updated modern version. I really liked it, felt like it kept the story but made it more current.

Caught a couple of art shows, the Architecture of Density – these awesome pictures of Hong Kong by Michael Wolf, I actually tweeted some of them a while ago so it was great to see them in person. Also there were these incredible 3D pictures, they actually made me dizzy! Also saw Double Blind, interesting concept – mirrors, but in person a bit meh, very small and only one piece I really found interesting. The gallery was supposed to be closed, but they were kind enough to let me in, which was lovely.

Watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians (season 6 and 7) and then Kim and Kourtney Take New York (season 2) and Khloe and Lamar (what am I doing?). I don’t know why I am so hooked on this right now, maybe it’s just a break from the amount of men I’m surrounded by all day as I’m working with the least other women I have in ages. So women wearing fabulous clothes, is like the furthest thing away! But the way Kim’s husband comes across as treating her like a doll, and needing to be dominant was so annoying.

So much theatre this week! Saw Drunk, which was awesome – dance and music, about a woman on a terrible date – which of course I identified with! One scene was this gay love story set in world war 2, song and dance, and it was so beautiful.

Also saw Circa & Debussy String Quartet Opus, by myself – normally I don’t go to the theatre by myself, but keep trying to stretch my comfort zone, and I did not want to miss this. So I went! And it was incredible – string quartet accompanying cirque. Amazing! Beautiful music, and great acrobatics.

Went to Pixar in Concert, which was lovely – surprise invite from a Twitter friend! It was so amazing, I can’t even describe it. Beautiful music, and these clips from the films that fit together. Just so beautiful.

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