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Quieter week this week, caught up with some uni friends but mostly hermitted after how hectic last week was! Was also still feeling sick and run down which left me exhausted and in something of an emotional funk. Trying to carve out more time for personal projects and rebalance a bit, taking 30 minutes before work one day to write made me feel exponentially better, also managed to make time to submit two conference proposals this week. Starting with easier things and trying to ramp myself up to feeling creative and also just recharge a bit. My strategy when I’m feeling this overwhelmed is taking the first step of just crossing some of the easier things off to try and feel more in control.

Not enough gym time this week, just 2 (although I’ll also make it there Sunday afternoon), although as I was sick for half the week maybe that’s not terrible. Trying to walk more, catching the tube further from my apartment and getting off early. Got my Jawbone up switched for a new one. Maybe this one will live longer!


Hectic. Gave a talk. Trying (and not quite succeeding) to get on top of everything before I head to the US next week. But – I’m learning a lot and working on things that I never got to work on before, so that is great.

Bunch of drama about my flights next week, but they are all sorted now and my upgrade for the outbound Air Canada flights came through instantly – yay!


Ate at Canteen (British food, pretty nice), and HK diner (tasty Chinese food).


Still (still!) working on  The Charisma Myth, more progress this week as I didn’t read any fiction. Finished Brothers and Sisters season 5 – which brings me to the end of the show (again). Love that show, but at the end of season 5 was probably the right time to end it. Now watching Jane by Design which is cute, some light relief. Mostly listening to Tegan and Sara with a little Lady Gaga, and whatever is playing on my iPhone.

Went to see Reverse at Rook and Raven, which is incredible. I felt a bit ambivalent about going, but the pictures on the internet don’t really capture the incredible pencil drawings, which are exquisite. The hair actually seems glossy and glowing, in a way that I wouldn’t have thought was possible.

Also caught Out of Ice at P3. The space is cool, although hidden away, and I liked that there were actual blocks of ice melting into the pool (I wonder if they replace them?) which was cool to watch, soothing. Overall I’d agree with the Londonist Review.

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