Book: The Power of Habit

power of habit

The book The Power of Habit (Amazon) is fascinating. All about how we create habits, how we change habits, and how much of our life is driven by habits.

It’s full of fascinating stories that illustrate the points, like the man who lost the ability to create memories… but who could still create habits. Or the football coach that transformed a football team by transforming their habits. The military, which is all about training people in habits.

This is the point – when you are stressed, habits take over. The AA is an example of that, it replaces the habit of drinking, with the habit of AA. Many people who have quit, seemingly successfully, fall off the wagon when they hit a stress trigger.

The habit cycle of cue -> habit -> reward can be changed. Keep the cue, and the reward, and adjust the process.

Really interesting book. Highly recommend.

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