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Getting settled in my apartment! Mostly finished unpacking, well entirely if you don’t count the large pile of clothes on my dinner table (who needs a dinner table anyway?). Last week internet-lite after over 3 months. I wonder what it will be like to be living with a high speed connection again?

Managed to go to the gym three times, not great, but did make a yoga class and a body pump class so that is something! Caught up with two friends and went on a date.

Finally obtained and switched to my new Nexus 5, which is gorgeous – amazing screen, and fast – so, so much better than the old Galaxy Samsung I was using. I really like it. I have a large number of cases too (weirdly it was only possible to order a set in every colour on Amazon), so I can switch my case to match my outfit.


This week marked my 3 year anniversary! Work was madness, but also amazing. Which is good, because I spent a lot of time working this week! On Wednesday I was out for 16 hours, all of it in 4″ heels. Something of an achievement, although not a sustainable one! My presentation went well, the event I was part of was great, really informative, and I managed to finish the thing that I was working on, so can move on to something new on Monday, so that will be good. Total social overload though! Exhausting.


A friend and I checked out Ben’s Canteen (burger place, tasty but inexpensive), and another friend and I went to the Troubador Cafe wearing hats, because on Tuesdays there is a free desert for hat wearers! Really good, also got brunch there on Saturday – they do great scrambled eggs. Work dinner at Tozi, where I had dinner alone the night before I started here. Food was good, and it was a set menu so I tried a bunch of different things – some amazing pasta.

Went to see the Ice Sculptures at Canary Wharf, which was cool (although chilly!) – chainsaws! And then had dinner at a nearby Wahaca (always tasty, and just a 10 minute wait – win). Sunday, my friend and I got delicious brunch at Hoi Polloi, and saw the Inside Spaces exhibit at Rich Mix, checked out the contemporary paintings at Brick Lane Gallery – some beautiful things, I bought a gorgeous print “The World”. We also walked along Brick Lane, where I don’t think I’ve been before, ending up at Exmouth Coffee for divine hot chocolate, and pain au chocolat.


So little time this week. Still watching Brothers and Sisters season 4, reading The Charisma Myth and listening to Lady Gaga’s new album (ARTPOP) on Grooveshark – especially Dope, and Gypsy. Part of the way through Bond Girl, which I’ve read before – story about a woman working on Wall Street. Rampant sexual harassment, essentially.

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