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I moved into my apartment! One of my friends helped me, so I got to spend some time with him, and spent most of Sunday with… a bloke, but that was about the extent of things. Worked out some, not as much as I should, but hopefully now I’m in my apartment I’ll be able to get back into a routine. Second week that I didn’t make a yoga class, must get on that. Really working on yoga as a habit, and all the unpacking etc – I could use it.

I picked up a new Jawbone UP (Amazon), so I can go back to tracking my sleep and waking up at a good point in my sleep cycle. Also my mom and I booked a spa weekend, so that will be nice. I was thinking about heading to Dublin or Amsterdam, but I can do that later in the year.


Three day week with new years day and a day off to move. Working on server-side java. Worst part is build files. Urgh. Also doing some prep for a presentation I have to give next week.


Being a bit boring, need to get out to more new places! I went back to Cocochan, again before 5 with the great foursquare deal and Sofra, although this time for lunch. Found two of the cafes I was looking for the other week – Workshop Coffee Co. and Apostrophe and had hot chocolate. It’s the last weekend for Winter Wonderland so we went there and rode a few rides, which was fun, and as I was in Hyde Park also checked out the Serpentine galleries. Both are slightly macabre right now, but interesting. I liked the puppets, but the other one was too macabre in too small a space, with too many people for my taste.


Still watching Brothers and Sisters season 4. This season is sad though, I confess I’ve been tearing up!

I’m trying to re-reading more books as my expenditure on Kindle books is excessive. The Bachelorette Party, which is funny, not so sentimentalised. and Babyville which I didn’t really relate too that much, but Jane Green is good for books about woman who seem real, flawed, human.

Non-fiction – finished The Male Factor, started reading The Charisma Myth – not far in enough to know how helpful it will be, but it’s interesting. Apparently Marilyn Monroe could turn her charisma on and off like a light bulb.

Completely loving Lady Gaga’s new album (ARTPOP) on Grooveshark – especially Dope, and Gypsy.

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