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Christchurch (and Surrounds), April 2013

In April, I was in Christchurch NZ with my friend Alex. We wondered around the city, and checked out Re:Start (a mall made of shipping containers), and Quake City (a museum dedicated to the earthquake – incredibly moving video featuring interviews with survivors). We spent a long time watching a building being torn down by machines (weirdly mesmerizing!), and then did a loop of the surrounding countryside – which made me see why people say that New Zealand is one of the most beautiful places on earth.

I really enjoyed Christchurch, people rebuilding their lives after what happened was really heartwarming. And the affect is still fresh – finding a store with out of date fashions in the window was strangely gripping to me.

I stayed at the George Hotel. The internet was terrible, and the bed uncomfortable, but they gave me an adorable bear.