Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-05-13

  • Can't wait to take that boat! Falls are magnificent, can't believe I didn't come sooner. [pic]: #
  • "It's hot living in a plastic bag" #
  • Pictures from Maid Of The Mist – So awesome! [pic]: #
  • Amazing time with Leslie today at Niagra falls! Pictures: #
  • It's 1:30am and I'm getting up for the day. Result of horrific jetlag and obsessing about uncertain things is insomnia, apparently. #
  • Sunrise! #
  • Well this is depressing, Feminine role models found to not motivate girls to study maths – #
  • Lots going on this week. Monumentally jetlagged. NYC next week. Feel like I'm about to lose my mind. But still, I'll get to see @tammypetro #
  • Ooh the next @GirlGeeksKW event is up! May 29th and we WILL sell out! #
  • Look what @zmagg sent me! And @Flameass delivered it to my desk on a day when I kinda needed a reminder <3 #
  • I meant to clean up my apartment this evening but instead tackled my inbox… Which means lots of emails saying "I'm sorry I suck at email" #
  • Perhaps that should just be an autoresponder. With link to a random number generator that makes up a number for likelihood of me responding. #
  • Everything seems better after a couple of hours of cardio. Starting to love my secret pre-dawn life. #
  • Our UX designer wrote some code, he tells me: "It looks really good. Not the code, that doesn't look really good, but when you run it" #
  • Oh this is amazing, I love @27bslash6 – "What burns with the light of a thousand suns and is in the letterbox?" – #
  • Remind myself that no news is not bad news, but the phrase "you are obviously awesome" counts as a Good Sign RE new adventure, right? #
  • Although it could also be used in a hyperbolic "It's not you, it's me" rejection… #
  • And this kind of thinking is why my friend sent me off to bed with "Good night! Nothing bad will happen!" which I did find comforting ๐Ÿ™‚ <3 #
  • Love this visualization of people moving around manhattan, as told by geoloc on their tweets – #
  • Friend fixed a problem by restarting her computer. Took ages to think of it as not on windows, so restart is not the solution to everything. #
  • Love this article – the highest craft – /viaโ€ @jliyi @ailiangan @wynlim #
  • 30 girl guides @googlecanada this afternoon, filling the dream career badge! Hopefully some of them will realize software is a dream career. #
  • Intern on panel: "I have a lot of role models, professors at school, engineers I work with, people who are dead" #
  • Same intern: "three parts of being an engineer: meetings, email and actually doing stuff" – this girl is awesome! #
  • Always an inspiring and reassuring evening with @lccarson #
  • News! Finally! And positive, I think ๐Ÿ™‚ #
  • Wow this is disgusting behavior – Dell should be so ashamed – /via @bennettbusiness @CNET #
  • Good advice here – 3 Things Professional Women Should Stop Apologizing For - /via @JuliaRosien #
  • Having one of those days (maybe, weeks) where I'm tired of dudes and their obliviousness of male-privilege. Not all, but enough to irk me. #
  • Exciting! Light-field camera allows focusing after the shot, and creating 3d images – – /via @fillenumerique #
  • Big plans for today, gym, spa… But main thing is: no computer, no email, no work! #
  • Two weeks ago I did a stunning 10k hike to Manley beach and had one of the best Saturday nights in… Forever. I miss Sydney! <3 #

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