Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-05-20

  • Excellent brunch with @write_girl and @ericarw! Thanks for hanging out <3 #
  • atypical sunday for me: brunch with @ericarw @write_girl, bootcamp with @Krajewski83, cooking, working all day. 3 of these are good things. #
  • Somehow @melissabernais got me the perfect gift, despite having no idea what was going on <3 #
  • What to wear for a 630am meeting is haaaaard. I compromise my not brushing my hair but leaving the snuggle off-screen. #
  • This is a beautiful story – unspoken mentorship – /via @rebeccasliter #
  • "Not one of the women I have heard from had an outcome that was not worse for her than silence." – /via @triketora #
  • This is pretty cute, analog sms – /via @hmason #
  • My personal hell (@ Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ) w/ 37 others) #
  • Sad to be here without my Australians and my intern! Had to carry my own luggage 🙁 (@ LaGuardia Airport (LGA)) #
  • This billboard is pretty cool! Goes all the way around the building #
  • Awesome but depressing: What If The Male Avengers Posed Like The Female One? /via @leapingwoman @BiatchPack @e_morrison #
  • Love this post by @fillenumerique on resilience – A Day in the Life of Resilient Knickers – /via @sarahlmathieson #
  • Oh this app does look really neat! Flixel – /via @lccarson #
  • Love the highline, even when it is raining. #
  • Absolutely love that @tammypetro and I celebrated both our birthdays together, on two different continents (and both hemispheres!) <3 #
  • Feel like I have to choose between the slightly crazy long term bet, or the predictable short term one. #
  • I like this – The Cult of Positivity: If You Dream It, You Can't Necessarily Become It – /via @oliverburkeman #
  • Interesting: relationships are made up of leftovers, because you do the intersection of what you both want to do – #
  • This is a FANTASTIC article on white dude privilege, using video gaming analogy – /via @lccarson #
  • So nice to see @hmason! (@ bitly HQ) #
  • Last night in NYC for foreseeable future, walk across town to Nike store for fuelband. Arrive 6 minutes too late. Head to bed. Rock'n'roll! #
  • Getting my fuelband! Finally! (@ NikeTown) #
  • Cab driver terrifyingly furious about traffic and how he was being kind to take me to the airport. Then the singing started, even scarier. #
  • But now I'm hanging out in the lounge with a guy from many flights ago who taught me how to bribe people. Random and lovely! #
  • So weird that this time 2 weeks ago I was returning from sydney! (@ Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ)) #
  • Weird to feel sad but also optimistic? Current mantra: some things you don't need to last forever, you just need them to happen. #
  • Other weird and semi depressing thought: it's nice to have romantic interludes that end non-disastrously. #
  • I think of potential disastrous endings and am grateful they will now never happen. And people find me unromantic! #
  • Shutting @5 over the long weekend! This sucks. (@ The Athletic Club Waterloo) #

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