Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-12-04

  • Re that talk, "if I call a 30 year old a girl, then later refer to her as a woman… Is she just magically going to learn how to program?" #
  • Ooh! (@ Guggenheim Museum w/ 3 others) [pic]: #
  • This is quite something! All by Maurizio Cattelan. #
  • It's all chaotic and awesome. Love! #
  • View from above. #
  • Colleagues tell me to move to US. I say "I don't want to live somewhere where they hate gays and women". Pause, then "we don't hate women". #
  • So glad I finally got to meet @hmason in person! #
  • Guys in orange outside super pushy but inside there is no line! (@ Empire State Building w/ 4 others) #
  • I want to stay in NYC until Sunday so I can go to the new museum and ride the slide… But I sooooooo hate calling air Canada! #
  • Also say happy birthday to @dstewartgo, he 20%s on my project and is awesome. Not that I'd tell him so the other 364 days of the year! #
  • Feeling a little like I've been bonked on the head but actually just wrote code until my brain was empty and symbols floated around. #
  • Ahh the small joy of pointing out to someone who's being a jerk about your code review that they've broken something… #
  • Amazing gift from @dstewartgo, it is exactly how I feel about my passport! #
  • Excellent shopping in NYC with @behnooshhariri! Been spoiling @douglasgresham's cousins. Again. And buying handbags. Again. #
  • Completely hooked on detective fiction right now! Kindle book expenditure peeking again. #
  • I'm not going to do anything productive until get to book where woman acquitted of murder realizes she's in love with the detective… #
  • So @douglasgresham will take me to the countryside with no M&S, and expose me to a certain terrifying relation & a pack of vicious animals. #
  • One out of three there would be more than I can take! Ha! Vacation! #

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