Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-11-27

  • Letter for mrs Gresham. Either @douglasgresham has had a more eventful life than I knew or I need to call sender to explain about patriarchy #
  • Tremendous article about diversity as the canary in the coal mine for meritocracy making the rounds, feat. @terriko #
  • Really great article – Stranger In A Strange Land OR Being A Woman In Tech – /via @idealexit @Kim_Moir #
  • "these visualizations of future architectures search for the accidental in computer driven manufacturing processes" – #
  • It's nice to live somewhere where the rules are in line with my grinchesque feelings towards the pagan festival. #
  • Hyperbole and a half – Adventures in Depression – (this is sad, but ultimately quite uplifting) #
  • I really want a Starbucks peppermint hot chocolate… Tonight's adventure with @lccarson may have to feature one! #
  • *Amazing* post on time-management, not about doing everything, do the high value things – /via @gailcarmichael #
  • Loving this on @gailcarmichael's blog – She Topped All the Men in Math and Kept Her Life in Balance – #
  • Yay! (@ Starbucks) [pic]: #
  • Inspired by an evening with @lccarson I wrote a blog post for tomorrow. Eventually I will write about creativity and willpower depletation. #
  • We're doing an event @google #kwawesome for high school girls November 29th – still time to register! #
  • I'm quite fascinated by @sachac's idea of writing unit tests for life, and it's possible… #
  • woah today's doodle is amazing! #
  • Slides+commentary from recent talk – "Engineering an Interesting Life" (reworks some of my In Pursuit of Awesome stuff) #
  • This is hilarious – online shopping in real life – #
  • We have some special visitors @googlecanada today! A group of high school girls! #
  • They are all packed in to our "think tank" #
  • QOTD: "I didn't know being an engineer could be fun!" I think we are having an impact! #
  • Haenyo – The Indomitable Diving Grandmas of Jeju Island – fascinating! /via @bl #
  • Definitely notice women giving power away when they speak – Public Speaking Tips For Women – /via @kymchiho #
  • Girls night with my colleagues! Getting pedis! (@ Gina's Spa) #
  • Girls night continues after dinner with bridesmaids! This movie is hilarious! #
  • This is interesting – Austrian law students gets all the data Facebook has about him – (all Europeans can do this). #
  • I'm quite charmed by these deliberately imperfect objects – #
  • Nooooooooooo not another plane :,( sooooooooooo tired. And I have some kind of lurgy :,( #
  • Most pain free US trip in some time! Plane delayed by less than an hour! (@ Maritime Hotel) #

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