Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-08-07

  • Something about being in a city makes me more willing to spend time on my hair. #
  • Looking for good mexican food in or near Mountain View. Any recommendations? #
  • With three grown men – @spizzy @warthog9 @douglasgresham – who are having a detailed argument about the smurfs. Disturbing! #
  • In other news, it's @douglasgresham's birthday today. I've done my best to make it forgettable. #
  • IE users have low iq story was fake – #
  • Talking to guy about creepy guys online, he says: "maybe girls should be more creepy". I think he doesn't get it… #
  • Activating plan B. #
  • Last day in MTV, looking forward to heading home to Canada tomorrow! Been quite a week. #
  • Excellent. We've returned from California and it turns out that @douglasgresham does not know where he left car. Exploring airport :-s #

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