Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-07-31

  • Amusing but sadly true – Sneaky Hate Spiral, explanation of a bad day – /via @ben_fry #
  • Another charming picture from Anton Tang – Too Heavy – #
  • Every so often I see a piece of "journalism" that makes me say, "newspapers becoming obsolete is a bad thing, really?!?" #
  • This is cute – dress for the job you want – /via @ruthm #
  • Interesting – In praise of "Joanne Rowling’s Hermione Granger series" – /via @Brinstar @dgou #
  • Encouraging – girls go geek! /via @SaraJChipps #
  • Richard Branson on Art of Delegation: /via @chrisjschmitt @StartupUK @peterlalonde #
  • This is charming, street art made using moss – /via @aranoff #
  • Letters of Note – Persist – beautiful – /via @aydaring #
  • This is quite a story – How a Poor High School Dropout Became a CEO – /via @jliyi @orcasquall @danmartell #
  • I really appreciated this post on atheism and integrity when interacting with religious people – /via @dlitz #
  • Amazing article: How to Make Diversity and Inclusion Real⁰ in @HarvardBiz /via @JeffreyTMoore @RobinSchooling #
  • Even with status the air Canada us queue is insane! (@ Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ) w/ 13 others) #
  • Horrific queue for us customs. Wondering why I agreed to do this monthly! I *hate* flying to the us. Urgh. #
  • Two hours in queue and straight onto plane with nothing to eat or drink and now the guy behind me is telling plane crash/religion stories… #
  • I'm a pretty chilled out traveller in general but this is leaving me less than delighted. US customs had like 5 agents. Ridiculous. #
  • Awesome day wondering around sf with @zmagg! Think we walked for about 4 hours. Sooooooo ready for bed now! #

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