Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-05-08

  • Poor @douglasgresham is struggling to find me a birthday gift. Partly my fault, I don't want much and what I do I've bought before he could! #
  • Canadians, I normally don't have an opinion about your politics, but please vote. We're luckier than we appreciate to live in a democracy. #
  • Why women in CS matter, and the comfort of feeling like you belong (I also styled miniskirts) – /via @ggdworldwide #
  • Love getting two emails in a row from someone, one asking me to do something, the other saying they won't do the thing I asked for… #
  • Great advice – "It’s gonna take awhile. It’s normal… You’ve just gotta fight your way through" /via @meffer #
  • Fighting our natural incentive to postpone small costs – fighting procrastination – /via @FortuneMagazine #
  • Ahhhh canadians I love how excited y'all get about politics. Never change. #
  • That being said, if saying you'll move to the US, I don't fully understand why you hate Harper but I doubt you'll find anything better! #
  • Useful advice! Crafting the Perfect Career Wardrobe: /via @meffer #
  • Trying to explain what I do in 3 sentences or less and make it sound awesome. Help! #
  • Intellectual irreverence – 8-year-old girl plays chess once; improves the game with new rules – /via @dgou @whitney #
  • This post is hilarious – on dating mathematicians – /via @bengl #
  • 26 today! #
  • Love this post – "I did not get into college just because I'm a girl." – Ayesha Bose – via @NCWIT #
  • The @google chrome channel is making me teary this morning, the web is what you make of it – #
  • SO EXCITED! @kwawesomefound gives first grant next week, May 11. Come see our shortlisted projects pitch! #
  • "The city is our canvas, this is our brush" – AWESOME! /via @eric_andersen #
  • Gah, spending far too long trying to replicate a bug. Nightmare! #
  • These are fabulous – 20 Insanely Creative Bookshelves – /via @KatiePunkin @dgou #
  • Harry Potter Lego finally 100% complete! Thought it would never happen. #
  • This is pretty funny, the math that proves geeks > athletes – /via @simidchieva #
  • Love this post by @missamykr – making things happen in the crevices of life – #
  • PANIC! Restaurant for this evening has no accessibility. Need reservation for 19 tonight with disabled access in #kwawesome — help!!!! #
  • Restaurant crisis resolved. New venue is Oliver and Bonacini at the mall. Hopefully they too have good martinis. #
  • In case you missed it, The Sad, Beautiful Fact That We're All Going To Miss Almost Everything /via @kjonuska @bkuhlmann #
  • The graph tracking CLs looks like my productivity has dramatically improved. In fact, I just bribed colleague with cupcake to code review. #
  • Fabulous evening out for my birthday! Martinis with marvelous @melle, @lccarson @djphilli @douglasgresham @fillenumerique and non-twitterers #
  • 3 conditions that set the stage for blinding insight – /via @fillenumerique #
  • First @kwawesomefound is next Wednesday! Register here #
  • I'm always forgetting git commands, this will be useful! Git cheatsheet/visualization! /via @dalmaer @eric_andersen #
  • And that's twice this week I've been sufficiently moved to Send An Email (not just reply, which I also do unwillingly). Gah! #
  • "Why I design at Google," – /via @bl #
  • Deadline. Word and I are doing usual dance where it crashes and I wonder if banging my head against a brick wall would be more productive. #

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