Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-04-03

  • Advice from the dying – make a todo list – or, "Accountants get to have spiritual experiences, too." #
  • This post from the Eloquent Woman on panels is a must read for anyone organizing one. @GHC submitters, take note! #
  • Interesting forbes article from earlier this month on Larry Page and the future of @google #
  • Sometimes I'm pretty insulted by the people twitter tells me are similar to me. Especially when I unfollowed them for being obnoxious. #
  • So bored by book "make work great", which does have the effect of making everything else seem more interesting and appealing. Ah. Cunning… #
  • Money can buy happiness? Some suggestions as to how – fascinating Quora post – /via @richardhenry @mbolohan #
  • LOVE bioware's response to "Straight Male Gamer" – get over it – /via @dgou @leighpod @mamohanraj #
  • Oh this is charming – The Word Project – 100 obscure words illustrated in bricolage – /via @jliyi @brainpicker #
  • Recently divorced man: "I really think the key to a successful relationship is separate bathrooms". #
  • An audience of haters is a good problem to have; it means you’re probably doing something interesting /via @jenny_blake #
  • Excellent, I knew giving up cooking was a good decision, it will soon be obsolete – awesome machine – /via @jtymann #
  • Some useful things here – 10 Rules for Work/Life Balance – /via @jenny_blake @seanogle #
  • Preparing talk for next week, they want ppt slides? Who uses ppt for slides anymore? I aim not to give terrible, ugly talks, thanks. #
  • Yay slides are done! Sending them to coauthor and will hopefully post to blog on Friday 🙂 I'm so organized! Talk not till Wed! #
  • Have not booked a hotel or anything though, so it's not like I've fundamentally changed. Ahh chaos! #
  • Oh this is awesome! Paper rollercoaster – /via @cuwise #
  • Interesting, writing group for keeping accountable. Wonder if you could apply to other kinds of projects too? #
  • Thrilled to have another post on Geek Feminism – The Girlfriend and the Geek – – thanks @terriko! #
  • LOVE THIS – Dear incredible women – who celebrates you? A post, a rant, and a wakeup call. /via @blendcreations #
  • I could use *some* of these, but some are twisted/offensive! 60 unusable stock photos – /via @eric_andersen @snipeyhead #
  • Haha I wish this were real, would actually play this game – angry nerds – #
  • Slides and commentary for talk next week – 4 Hours to Smash the CS Stereotype and Create Something Beautiful – #
  • Four good questions to ask – pick one for your next technical interview – #
  • Arguing with a philosophy student is like trying to catch an eel. Everything is subjective, black is white, white is red, & orange is pink. #
  • Office on a Saturday is creepy! (@ Google Waterloo) #
  • Gahhh expense reporting. In related news, probably not going to bother using the travel agent again. #
  • Complete confusion for @ramynassar @theherolab and myself, "how did someone hear about something if they are not on twitter?!?" #
  • Someone totally knifed my car tyres. WTF? Who does that?!? #
  • Taxi driver went the wrong way! Nightmare! But woman was kind enough to wait for us. (@ National Car Rental) #

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