Week in Brief

keep calm and carry on
Credit: flickr / jelene

From last week

  • Tutoring
  • Work out with trainer 3x
  • Kickboxing 2x – revised goal!
  • Meeting RE workshop
  • Finish reading Social Networking and Trending papers
  • Read Twitter papers – Don’t know how I thought I was going to do this as well
  • Meeting with co-supervisor
  • Investigate architecting data for analysis
  • WISE Inspiring Woman event
  • Spend time with friends
  • Write up plan for talk on “starting a movement” – nearly done
  • Give talk
  • Pack up office
  • Take stuff to charity shop – friend took stuff for me
  • Finish packing up apartment
  • Get tyres change and car checked (if possible)
  • Install for phone holder thingy
  • Call immigration and find out if I can leave the country
  • Move!

For next week:

  • Unpack apartment
  • Get a storage unit
  • Book flight back to UK
  • Read huge stack of papers I printed
  • Write up talk: “In Pursuit of Awesome”
  • Join gym
  • Work out 7x
  • Electricity
  • Insurance
  • Change phone number
  • Investigate other dataset
  • Speak to supervisor RE modifications to paper
  • Connect with 2 new people in KW