Week in Brief

  • Submit Visa application.
  • Workout 5 times (taking a looser definition of workout, just some time on the cross trainer or swimming is OK) – made 4 times. Could do the last one, but I’m giving up on this week and going to bed.
  • Try running again – probably need more time to psych myself up to this.
  • Ski instructing.
  • Write test cases for next assignment.
  • Read 5 papers.
  • Work on new idea – started assignment instead
  • WISE event.
  • No email before progress on MIT (most important task) – this is making a difference I think – makes me more focused. Keep at it.


  • Surprised the others at our last event this year.
  • Was surprised in return (they rock!)
  • Got my PDP (skiing) – have to get one every two years. Was super fun, too.
  • Went out to Kanata to get my police check sorted for internship, had lunch with some people there – so excited for this summer (even the camping!)
  • Drove to Kanata to help out with a science volunteer event. This was really tedious, I said I was happy to drive but couldn’t really help out because I’m in CompSci and haven’t done the training, and planned to go off to a coffee shop or sit at the back and get on with things… but ended up not being allowed to do anything (not being a proper scientist) but not being firm about just disappearing, when I tried to just hide out in a corner I was brought to the front and ended up being stood at the front like a lemon. Just… urgh.

In general I’ve had one of those weeks where I ran around a lot but didn’t actually do very much that brings me forward on my goals. Also, my deadlines keep jumping around – we’re going for this conference, but how about this one… and it’s hard to plan ahead when I don’t know what’s coming up first in order to prioritize. I’ve also taken on some things that I wish I hadn’t, the tedious volunteering thing being one example but also the workshop that I need to put together my the end of the month. I just want to be done with school already!

My plan for this week is to lay low and regroup, and try and get some things cleared out the way so I can focus on my next paper.

  • Ski instructing (last time I think – the snow is ending).
  • Finish assignment.
  • Workshop – content.
  • Workshop – decide what frameworks need coding.
  • Read 5 papers.
  • See physio about shoulder.
  • Work out 5 times.
  • Continue with no email before MIT.