Week in Brief

For this week:

  • Ski instructing
  • Put together slides for talk for Thursday
  • Give talk
  • Interview (another)
  • Fill in forms for resume rewrite
  • Meeting RE resume
  • WISE Workshop event
  • Help G with website
  • Kickbox 3 times
  • Start Assignment 1 for Testing course
  • Read 9 papers
  • Finish workshop proposal

Yay! Everything crossed off and I’ve got on top of “the list”. Also – the interview went well and I’ve been offered a place on the IBM Extreme Blue Internship program this summer, which I’ve accepted. So – a good week. A really good week!

For next week:

  • Forms and visa application.
  • Finish Assignment 1 for Testing course.
  • Read 5 papers.
  • Work out 4 times.
  • Ski instructing.
  • Marking.
  • WISE event at Carleton.
  • Outline project for Testing course.
  • Last seminar at Carleton.
  • Write code for new idea.

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