Week in Brief

For this week:

  • Find out what’s going on with knee, really hope I can ski and kickbox again (will be tears if I can’t!). – things OK, got a “conservative” treatment plan, and I’m allowed to go kickboxing again (yay!)
  • Gym 5 times. – four! PT nearly ended me on Tuesday, oooh the pain!
  • CA Project report. – see it here.
  • Make Applets work. – nope, didn’t even try to get this done. Thought about it… but too fried!
  • Finish reading 7 Habits. – I love this book. Gives me great perspective.
  • Submit marks – end of TA-ing (yay!). Words cannot describe how pleased I am that this is over!
  • Buy iPhone (v excited about this)

I also:

  • Spent time with my friends in London.
  • Saw my Leicester friend, caught up – this was great, can’t wait for her to get an internet connection!
  • Read 3 novels – I hardly ever make time to read novels lately, so this was really nice.
  • Spent time with my parents.

It’s been really nice to take some time for me, to choose to read a book instead of to do what’s “productive”. I’m still a little jet-lagged and haven’t been sleeping that well, but I’m going back to Ottawa more chilled out, I think, with some ideas of what I want to spend time and energy on over the winter break before the craziness starts again.

For this week:

  • Holiday Science Lecture – revise slides, either no text or needs to be translated
  • Practice, Practice, Practice!
  • Go skiing
  • Spend minimal xmas with boyf and his parents – no tree, not many presents, as little fuss as possible.
  • Make Twitter landing page and turn off follower notifications.
  • Delete all Twitter follower notifications from email, and process the rest of it.
  • Unsubscribe from things.

My Holiday Science Lecture is next Monday (December 28th), entitled “Art, Life and Programming”. You can see what I plan to talk about here and no doubt I’ll be blogging about it as I revise it and practice. If you’re in Ottawa, it’s free and you’re welcome to join. It’s aimed at children age 7-10, but I hope it’ll be interesting to anyone with an interest in technology. I’m really nervous about this, especially the French one – in the morning! So wish me luck.