Week in Brief

For last week:

  • Finish CA Assignment 2
  • Read 5 papers
  • Code more on Viz
  • Write more on Thesis
  • Get SVN working fully
  • More on website
  • Clear giant e-mail mountain
  • Start tracking morning mood and exercise on Mycrocosm
  • Go to my first hockey game!


  • Cleaned out fridge
  • Swam butterfly again for the first time since I injured my knee (super happy about this!)
  • Spent a lot of time debugging other people’s code!
  • Met with the girls from WISE, hopefully we can get some stuff moving.

Another week where things took longer than they should have (CA Assignment), and plans were derailed (4 hour lab). I’m frustrated at how much I’m getting distracted by this kind of thing, and how it’s cutting into my quiet-focus-time which I need to work on big tasks. I haven’t had a completely clear day since last Monday, and won’t have another until next Monday. This is a problem.

For this week:

  • Finish putting together presentation, record and upload it.
  • Put together loop exercises for extra session with my DGD group.
  • Start CA Assignment 3 (this one will apparently be shorter) – aim for half done.
  • Marking.
  • Read 5 papers.
  • Join gym (physio says yoga and body pump allowed – finally!!)
  • Clear new email mountain.
  • Code new viz idea.
  • Ignite!

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