Week in Brief

For this week my goals were:

  • Clubs week for WISE
  • Organize movie night (try and delegate)
  • TA in French, don’t meltdown
  • Incorporate giant pile of papers into Introduction
  • Polish introduction such that I can send it to my supervisors
  • Coding: phase 1 ended up coding something different, but I’ve made significant progress on it
  • Assignment 1, Combinatorial Algorithms
  • Finish reading Presentation Zen
  • Read 6 papers from “the pile”
  • Fix CSS on portfolio website
  • 2 blog posts
  • Get a hair cut (having a Bad Hair Life right now)

I also:

  • Met with my core team from WISE, talked about managing expectations and outlined plans for two important events coming up.
  • TA’d my first lab (on a Saturday, it was dull)
  • Blogged more than usual.
  • Got into Google Wave (it’s awesome!)
  • Went swimming, for the first time since I wrecked my knee

Things are starting to settle down and I’m hoping next week I’ll run around less. Also, I’ve been setting completely unrealistic goals for the week so I’m going to have a go at being more realistic.

  • Finish coding current mini-project
  • Write more on thesis, get to the point where papers can be integrated
  • Finish Combinatorial Algorithms assignment
  • Meet with CA prof to talk about project
  • Read 4 papers
  • Read thesis – “Networking in Everyday Life”
  • 2 blog posts
  • Portfolio website – add all pages and finish home page
  • Write overview for soon to be announced WISE project
  • Write blog post for project