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The Story Behind The Newsletter

When I decided to leave my corporate tech job, public speaking was part of The Plan. However I didn’t really know where to begin. I built a talk from some of my more popular blogposts and started submitting it to CfPs I happened across. Luckily, I met up with Chiu-Ki on a trip to the […]

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Flawed Humans

As I walked through Barcelona, I came across a tiny hidden museum dedicated to Dalí. As I admired the work, I pulled up his Wikipedia page to learn more about the artist. And discovered that he refused to decry the Nazis, and had been kicked out of the Surrealist movement in part because of it […]

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Finding More Women on Social Media

Every so often I find my twitter handle in a list that forms a response to some guy saying “who are some women I should follow on social media?”. Do these things work? I don’t know. I’ve compared notes with other women on how long it lasted when a prominent VC asked that question (for me, <24 […]

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Three Tactics that Block Women from Getting Ahead

1. Undermine and Critique Step 1: Make it really hard for her to achieve something. Step 2: Make completely reasonable comments about her progress. E.g. Nitpick every detail, force her to prove that your suggestions can’t be done. Then complain she is not faster. E.g. Avoid telling her key information up front. When it is […]

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Conferences, Code of Conducts, and Being #ThatWoman

Like a lot of people, I took the Code of Conduct pledge (so I was really pleased to see GHC add one this year), firstly because I see it as a sign that the event is committed to making it a welcoming space for women, and I do really only want to attend events where […]

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Female Entrepreneurship: Observations and Opportunities

I’ve been generally skeptical of whether we would see a rise in Female Entrepreneurship, much of which was because looking at the data (female-led companies are more likely to succeed, male-led companies are more likely to fail) it wasn’t clear to me whether more women should be starting companies… or just fewer men. However there are some […]

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Your Guide To Undermining Women Whilst Being “Nice”

With the rise of political correctness, it’s become so much harder to undermine women. One can no longer tell her to get back in the kitchen, or express appreciation for her physical attributions through unsolicited touching. These things have – bizarrely – become frowned upon. Why does no-one have a sense of humour any more? […]


Book: The Richer Sex

For women who have complained about modern dating and men being intimidated by the success of women… The Richer Sex is the book to read. Personally I’d kind of thought the problem was dating engineers (common complaint amongst my female peers – how many of them have stay at home wives and the effect that […]


Returning To The Stage… After Harrassment

I stopped public speaking at the end of 2011. And, 6 months into 2012 I finally wrote about why. I wrote about being more intentional with my time, wanting to focus on more technical talks, and – in the vaguest terms, not really calling it what it was – about being harassed on Twitter as […]


The Emotional Expectations of Women

The other day, I made a complaint at a service that I pay an inordinate amount of money for. I don’t think the topic or place of complaint is relevant, so I’ll leave it out. But as I was stressing about this problem, which meant I was unable to use this service without either a […]