It’s Not Me, It’s You: When Users Break Up With Their Apps

This is an edited version of my notes for a section of my iOSCon Distractedly Intimate talk. You can find the rest of it here. With thanks to Denise who helped me construct this narrative for my talk. We’re makers here, right? And what we make is experiences that take place on the user’s devices, their iThings. […]

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Distractedly Intimate: Your Users on Mobile

We Are In Love Touch Have you noticed, how people hate their computers, but love their phones? Truly, it is our most intimate device – we share every moment of our day with it, we sleep with it, we capture special, and not so special moments with it, and it is our constant connection to […]

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Multiple Cellphones: How I Balance my Usage Across Both


I have carried multiple cellphones for about 2 years now. I think as a mobile developer, it’s important to be familiar with both the major platforms (iPhone and Android) and I find the context helpful regardless of which platform I am working on. Currently, I carry an iPhone 5 and a Nexus 5. My Nexus […]

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There’s An App For That is Not A Mobile Strategy

Dooky! Pick up the phone!!

People throw the word “mobile” around a lot, and my observation is – they all mean different things, but think they are talking about the same thing. When I talk about mobile, I want to talk about how everything changes when everyone has a device this powerful on them, all the time. “An app for […]

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Your Users On Mobile

gondolier on phone

I think I first rode the tube in London about 10 years ago. Now I ride the tube a bunch, and sometimes I see people doing something I find really weird. Reading a physical book. Sometimes – especially odd – a large, hardback book. Who carries such a thing around with them, when you can […]

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