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Book: The Education of Millionaires

My overall impression of The Education of Millionaires (Amazon) was a bit meh. It conflates getting an arts degree with a university education in general, and many of the examples come from direct marketing, which seems irrelevant to me. I think the calculations on cost/benefit of degrees could have been vastly improved by discounting science […]

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Slides for my Talk – 15 Tools to Make University Easier

15 Tools to Make University Easier View more presentations from Cate Huston. See the original blogpost.

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Student Workaholism

It’s been bothering me a little lately that some people have been describing me as a workaholic, I think that university effectively rewards workaholism and in the real world it’s easier to avoid. Here are a list of reasons I’ve come up with (feel free to suggest more!): No distinction between work place and home […]


Focusing on Action

Yesterday I wrote a post about something that’s really been frustrating me – the fact that WISE may well run out of money in January. I wondered if it was too negative, and I reread it several times and debated about whether to post it… and eventually decided to. Here’s the thing – I can’t […]

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15 Tools to make University Easier

Subtitle: Things that Universities should tell you about, but often don’t. I’m in my 6th year at university now, and over the course of it I’ve assembled my suite of tools that maximize my productivity. When I meet people from outside of Computer Science, I’m always amazed that they haven’t heard of so many of […]