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The Weekly Notes Post

I read a lot of stuff on the internet, and a lot of that is about being a better manager. It’s rare to find something that is: Extremely concrete and actionable. At the exact time you need it. But in November, I did. I found this post from @SonOfGarr about sharing information with his team. […]


Pycon AU: Solving problems by sharing them… with Python!

Tennessee Leeuwenburg’s keynote on Sunday morning was about sharing and collaborating, communicating and working with non-developers, but also about getting the best out of the people you work with in general. Themes: bringing things together without needing to overlap. Charts are a universal way to communicate. My notes: Global cost of debugging is $312 billion […]

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Email Once A Day

Back in May, I started checking email only once a day (and sometimes not at all if I had no meetings). I had to accept that no-email days would be scarcer than I’d like, but overall it’s been a good experiment. Typically I get through it as fast as possible (< 15 mins) and once […]