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After the Toxicity the Toxicity Remains

Every so often, the conversation about leaving tech resurfaces, and things I wrote in ~2014 get referenced. I wrote a lot about leaving tech around then. I thought a lot about leaving in tech in 2014. And 2013. And in 2015, I thought a lot about what it had meant to be willing to leave, […]

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Inclusion is a Hack

I wish more people understood that (in tech) inclusion – as we talk about it – is a hack. Firstly, “inclusion” is a shorthand for “inclusion of the historically under-represented”. The “historically under-represented” piece is the reason why we need the hack. What started with the deliberate exclusion of people of color and white women from a […]

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The #NotAllMen Project

Last week featured two milestones. I closed the first day of JSConfEU with a talk called “Some Things I’ve Learned about Color”, which is the story of how I left tech (not why). It’s about burnout, and how aside from overwork, there are 5 other things that cause it: lack of control, lack of reward, lack of […]

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Book: Making a World of Difference

Having been a foreigner in both China and the US, I found the cultural observations of this book (Amazon, which is only letting me link the Chinese version – the English version is here though), and the insights into the tech industry interesting. Particularly his time at Apple, and the need to create products out of […]

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Book: Unlocking the Clubhouse

I’d heard about this book (Amazon) for a long time, but especially since I arrived here – the other women in the office are huge fans, and talked about it a lot. And I kept thinking I would get around to reading it, but no hurry, I’ve read a lot of the research, I think […]