Learning What Not To Do Doesn’t Teach You All That Much

Early on in my career, I worked on something that shipped without tests. And I learned something important: That’s a bad idea. To frame it positively, I learned that any tests were better than no tests. And so I went away and read things, talked to people, and experimented. And over time I’ve learned a lot […]


The Aristechracy

In the 1980s “a computer in every home” was a crazy dream. But the rapid rise of technology until that (in the West at least) became normal has created a lot of opportunity. And, a new aristocracy. The Aristechcracy. Many Aristotechs think the Aritechracy is a meritocracy, This is because they are a) delusional and […]

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On Leaving (again), Compound Effects and Falling Out Of Love

Someone tweeted that this post reminded them of my post about leaving. And I read it, finding it oddly compelling (even though I’m not excited by comics, or superheros), and then I found this quote. it seems to me to be the worst thing in the world to want to do something that badly and […]

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Sydney, One Year On

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about when I decided to move to Sydney. The two week period in which I changed my mind every day – multiple times a day, even. I cried every day. It was a difficult decision, where to go, and it was hard to live a place that I loved, […]