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Talk: The Culture of Process

I recorded this talk for the previous round of LeadDev Together. You can access it here (requires signup). All the penguin imagery in this talk are photos my mom took in Antarctica.


Preparing a Talk in Pieces

Preparing talk can be really overwhelming. As a rule, I expect to spend an hour preparing for every minute I spend speaking. When a slot gets over 30 minutes… that starts to look like very nearly a full working week. This is an intimidating amount of time to find and clearly being organised and starting […]

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Upcoming Talk on Effective Mobile Engineering Teams

I’m working on a talk about running effective mobile engineering teams – I’d love to know what questions you have about this, what you worry about when it comes to mobile teams in your organization, and what you’ve found most helpful to communicate about them. Comments or email or DMs on Twitter welcome! Title: YOLO […]

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#iOSDevUK – Luke Rogers: The Logic of App Design

Design is a skill you can learn, the same way development is a skill you can learn. Design is not about making it look pretty, small percentage of it. About working out hierarchy, working out what is important. Brainstorm what the user should be able to do. Not “have analytics” Instead “watch a video” Order […]

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Valerie Taylor – Keynote at GHC 2013

Starts with comment that the 1994 GHC had 600 attendees, it’s wonderful to see it at 4800. Visited Anita Borg because of research, talked about GHC. Talked about under-represented groups. First Systers of colour. 10-15 women talking about Systers of colour. First GHC was the first conference that was technical, but at the end of […]

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Pycon AU: Planting Open Source Seeds

I found this talk by Kenneth Reitz one of the most interesting at Pycon. There was a comprehensive breakdown of the different strategies people take to create and nurture (or not) open source projects, and tales from maintaining them. You’re probably better to just read Kenneth’s notes, but for what it is worth – here are […]

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WISE Talk: 3 Things That Make Me Luckier

Commentary (I didn’t have slides) for the talk I gave for UO WISE. I thought I was going to come and have an informal chat about how interviewing at Google is not that scary, and then I saw Krystal’s tweet. [blackbirdpie id=”55757050474532864″] I freaked out a little, to be honest. Like, woah – I need […]

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My mind was blown at TEDx Waterloo – the Uncharted – on Thursday. Seriously, it was SO AWESOME. I was extremely excited and it was more awesome than even I had prepared myself for. Vincent John Vincent (from GestureTek) talked about gesture-based computing. It’s incredible what they’ve been doing and for how long, and made […]