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Sydney 2013: Sculptures and the Sea

I had a brief stop in Sydney between Bali and Barcelona, mostly spending quality time with friends, but I also got in some cultural activities. The Ansel Adams exhibit at the Maritime Museum is small but stunning (open until December 8th), and of course, Sculptures by the Sea (ended November 10th, but will be in Perth […]

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I’m Leaving Sydney!

From December, I’ll be based in London instead. Very sad to leave my friends and this city – which I still think is the most beautiful city on earth, but looking forward to the new team and being closer to my family (and, to be honest, everything. Sydney is amazing, but remote). October, I’ll be […]



When reading about the 33 Most Beautiful Abandoned Places in the World recently, I was amazed to discover one about 30 minutes from where I live, in Central Sydney. And it’s a shipwreck! Obviously I was determined to go see it. And it is really cool, not entirely abandoned though – the ship itself is […]

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Art Adventures!

My friend Diana and I went to the White Rabbit Gallery. It was really cool – they have some really interesting pieces, and a great cafe featuring delicious dumplings! My favorite was the balloon, which I was restrained from investigating further as it is a “really dangerous machine” – of course this just enhanced it’s […]

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How To Leave a Country

For someone who seems to have an incurable fear of forms, I move too often. There is nothing I have found so far that has more bureaucracy than moving, especially if that move requires you to obtain a visa. Dealing with the logistics is time-consuming and stressful, but not hard. Dispose of assets: car (the last tie […]

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About 3 weeks ago, I sat in San Francisco airport and waited, as the delay on my flight crept up and up. Some time around 5pm, when I’d been there since 10am, I felt like, I could cry right then. Just start sobbing. In public. The lounge had closed, and I was sitting by the […]