Other People, and Travelling Alone

You smell really good, pretty kitty!

My friend and I have been planning a South American adventure in Santiago. I had just finalised all my flights and then she told me… she had been accepted to speak at a really awesome conference and it clashed with our plans. After we discussed the situation together, she concluded that, ironically, it was thanks to my […]

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Things I Love About Travelling Alone

danbo adventure

I love the freedom of travelling solo. Sleeping alone. Waking up whenever. Not having an itinerary, every morning I wake up and ask myself “what do I want to do today?” and sometimes the answer is nothing. This is OK. Freedom from social responsibilities. No need to talk. No social pressure, imaginary or real, no […]

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How I Learned To Love Solo-Travel

Danbo underneath an exploding bubble!

I didn’t travel anywhere by myself until I was 22. And then I spent a year as an international hobo. It was scary to set off by myself, but I met people everywhere I went – some who I’m still in touch with, and some who were only in my life for a short time. […]

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