Powerful Questions

There’s a question in my coaching prep that I can never seem to answer. Debrief of last week’s inquiry. (a designated powerful question for the week – the power is in the asking of the question – getting curious and inquiring into its meaning for you.) Before each coaching session, I go through and answer […]

management Reflections

Questions for an End of Year 1:1

My coach (Dani) went through this list of questions in our call last week, and I’ve been using it in my last 1:1s of 2017. I’ve been finding it interesting as a structure for a conversation that looks back at the year and where we are now, versus where we were a year ago. Sometimes […]

Programming Twitter

Parameterized Testing in JUnit 4, or Twitter is Awesome Because…

You can ask a specialized, fairly technical question to the world in general… And get a response from someone who really knows what they’re talking about! (I have books by this guy!) Made my day! If you’re interested in JUnit 4 and testing, a brief explanation. JUnit 4 allows you to create parameterized tests. I.e. […]

Organization WISE

Do We Need Time Management Advice?

We’re having an event at WISE next week, we were hoping to have someone from SASS to come and give some advice on time management. But SASS is never open, and now we have something much better. But when I was panicking for a speaker, thinking about maybe asking another student to speak I started […]

Education Presentation Programming

Questions from my Art, Life and Programming Lecture

Should I switch to mac? Is it hard to get used to? Yes, switching to Mac was the best thing I ever did and does wonders for my productivity. I have found it much easier to develop on Macs than on Windows. Are there places children shouldn’t go on the internet? I think this question […]