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Pycon AU: Planting Open Source Seeds

I found this talk by Kenneth Reitz one of the most interesting at Pycon. There was a comprehensive breakdown of the different strategies people take to create and nurture (or not) open source projects, and tales from maintaining them. You’re probably better to just read Kenneth’s notes, but for what it is worth – here are […]

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Pycon AU: Making Python More Fun for Everyone

Interesting talk from the creators of SingPath – games to help people learn to code. Left me wanting to try the game! Some insights about women and what they find off-putting – nothing unexpected. Notes below: Intrinsic vs. extrinsic motivation: autonomy, mastery, purpose (Dan Pink’s book – Amazon). Want to extrinsically motivate people without killing […]


Pycon AU: Solving problems by sharing them… with Python!

Tennessee Leeuwenburg’s keynote on Sunday morning was about sharing and collaborating, communicating and working with non-developers, but also about getting the best out of the people you work with in general. Themes: bringing things together without needing to overlap. Charts are a universal way to communicate. My notes: Global cost of debugging is $312 billion […]