Simple Leadership Podcast

I recorded an episode on managing managers. We talked about getting feedback, coaching, and why peer support is so important. It was really fun to record, and I hope you like it!

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Leadership Podcast with John Maeda!

My colleague John and I recorded a little podcast together, and you can listen to it here. We talked about listen-first leadership, being judged on performance vs potential, and how I think of a senior engineer as “making the whole team better”. There’s also a transcript available for those of you (like me!) who hate […]

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Creative Coding Podcast

creative coding podcast

I was on another podcast! This time, creative coding with @seb_ly [listen]. We talked about managing coders, color theory, side projects, lasers, being homeless, interviewing (and applied humaning). It was really fun (but cold!) to record, and I hope you enjoy it.

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