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Being Yourself On The Internet

I’m Cate, I work for Google as a Software Engineer (on mobile Gmail). For fun, I’m a qualified ski instructor and I love to kickbox. I was the Instigator of Awesome at Awesome Ottawa, and I do various things around getting more women into CompSci. I have a BSc from the University of Edinburgh and […]

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This week, I’ve seen a website launched by a person in order to try and get a job at a specific company, and another website where someone used the word “princess” in their job description. And no, they aren’t a high-class call girl. It’s all making me a bit uncomfortable – and I know I’m […]

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Discovering the Value of Personal Branding

Last month, Patti Church and Treena Grevatt came in and gave a talk on Personal Branding for WISE. Patti’s one of the people behind so it was great to have her come and speak to us. I was in a complete panic because they were going to use me as an example, and I […]