#Øredev14: Dan North – Deliberate Advice from an Accidental Career

My notes from Dan North’s talk at Øredev14. “People Love Machine” – About people having an emotional connection with technology. About 25 years in tech, had some wonderful wonderful interactions with people. Later realised pivotal moments. Be aware when you’re interacting, you may be having an impact. Most interactions were from professional life, but realised a […]

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Oredev: Deconstructing Her

My notes from Chris Noessel‘s talk “Deconstructing Her” at Oredev. Movie is about a lovelorn fellow going through painful divorce at the same time he decides to upgrade his computer. Begins a relationship with the AI. Begins professionally, gets romantic. Try to consummate through a surrogate (awkward!) Eventually self-rapture to a new plane of existence. It’s […]