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Real Talk: Women in Tech and Money

This post comes from multiple requests from friends with whom I have talked about leaving tech, and returning to tech, and the way that I started to think about money relating to that. Money is a loaded topic, and I want to be up front here that this is written from a place of financial […]

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Uncomfortable Conversations About Money

When it comes to speaking at a conference which involves some travel costs, there are four* main options: The conference pays. The company you work for pays. You pay. You don’t go. The Conference Pays I think this, announced up front, is the most inclusive option because it means you don’t have to talk about […]


Book: The Richer Sex

For women who have complained about modern dating and men being intimidated by the success of women… The Richer Sex is the book to read. Personally I’d kind of thought the problem was dating engineers (common complaint amongst my female peers – how many of them have stay at home wives and the effect that […]