Mentoring Calls Available

Just over a year ago now, I did this thing I called “mobile mentoring”. If you were under-indexed in tech and worked on mobile I would do a call with you about anything you wanted. I spoke to maybe… ten people? Most of them – in the way of mentoring – I never heard from […]

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I’m a Terrible Mentor: Here’s Why

I hate mentoring and I don’t want to do it. This is mainly a product of me hating three things. One-directional relationships. Other people’s priorities not my own. Giving advice. One-directional relationships are so exhausting, because you can’t really be open. Being a manager has – oh the irony – made me less open to […]

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Running a Mentoring Program

Use the what?

As part of our Technically Speaking Anniversary, we ran a mentoring program. If you’d told me a year ago that we would be running a mentoring program as part of this I would have been shocked, because we had explicitly gone in this direction of scaling up the mentoring we did, and moving away from […]

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Advice, Mentors, and Questionably Helpful Emails

Foliage Danbo

Let me start by saying: I hate giving advice and I try not to do it. Typically my “advice” falls under two categories (in that order, often deployed together): Telling people that whatever their reaction (stress, sadness, fear…) is understandable. Suggesting books or lines of thinking that I have found helpful in related situations. Of course […]

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Some Thoughts On Mentoring

quokka family

I’m lucky to have a large and broad network, internally and externally. Well, I say lucky. I work at it. I stay in touch, ping people to say hi, schedule lunches, arrange to meet up when I’m in the area, or they are in the area, ask how they are doing, take an interest in […]

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Reaching Out

Yesterday Sacha Chua put up a blogpost entitled “What can I help you learn? Looking for mentees“. I’d been following her blog for a while now, and got out of the lurking stage and started commenting periodically, so of course I was like, “me me me!”. If you don’t read Sacha’s blog, go and grab […]

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