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Make Don’t Break #MakeDontBreak

I did the #MakeDontBreak challenge in January, and I wrote up how I found it and what I learned.

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Lasers and Practical Skills

I first “met” Dan a year ago, right after GHC last year. He reached out to me because of the stuff I’d been writing about men and male allies. We became twitter friends, and so I got to read a preview of his book – which is great, because I’d realized that Dan was someone I […]

Programming Skiing

The French Ski Problem

In 1988, there was a revolution in the ski industry. Previously, skis had been straight-edged and the skier controlled them through force and incline. The new shaped skis were parabolic, with a side-cut edge that caused the ski to turn when introduced to the snow. Pressure causes the ski to bend: more pressure, more bend, […]