On 1:1s

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that 1:1s are one of the most important activities of being a manager. And yet we all know of managers who don’t do them, or do them so badly that they can hardly be called 1:1s at all. I’ve heard about managers who show up to the 1:1 and talk […]

Social Networking Thesis Twitter

Levels of Engagement on Twitter

My co-supervisor, Michael Weiss, came up with this diagram expressing the interactions we have with people on Twitter. Direct messaging is the most intimate form of communication, which we cannot track through the API without authentication (and then only for an individual user) as it is private. We have engagement through conversation and retweets, passive […]


Your Customers on Twitter

Twitter has a load of random uses. So far, I feel they fall into 4 categories: making things tweet, ridiculous, heart-warming and innovative. Making things tweet: an office beer tap, pets, plants, unborn babies, laundry machines, electricity consumption meter, the oven, a chair,  a rocket, a house, your server. Ridiculous: promote your brothel (Twitter might […]