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Cate’s Career Coaching Process (AKA A Process for Finding Your Next Job)

I know a number of people who have been laid off recently – the market is on a downturn and this is more common than seems to be being talked about. I’ve spent time helping a few people try and find their next thing lately, and after some iterations I now have a process. 1. What […]

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Round 2 @ Google

If you follow my Twitter, I may have already given away the ending to this! But as a continuation from my first round, here is my experience for my second (final) on-site with Google two weeks ago. What Did I Do To Prep? Things were a little hectic with the end of Extreme Blue and […]

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Defining Dreams

Randy Pausch’s Last Lecture was, and remains, the most moving video I have found on the internet. It’s about how to achieve your dreams, but more than that – how to live your life. The thing is, I don’t really seem to have the kind of dreams he had. So from time to time I […]

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Failure Is Not An Option

Having admitted that I seek out a high level of stress, it’s timely that I have, once again, gone way past the level of stress that I like to operate and hit the “woah this is damaging to my productivity” bit. I wrote before about How to be Crazy Busy Without Losing Your Mind and […]

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Interviewing @ Google

For those of you who didn’t know (or work it out), this is where I interviewed last week. It went well, I think – at least I feel like I did the best I could and whatever happens that will be helpful. I agreed to an NDA, so I can’t write about the questions that […]

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Career Planning

The other week I had a phone interview for what I thought was my dream job. In the days before, I realized that was the kind of thing I’d been doing. And then, I waited. Meanwhile, work was going so-so. My computer broke – again – so I lost a day and a half on […]

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Dream Chasing and Prevarication

Back in January, I hired someone to write my resume. It took a little longer than I thought – mostly because I took my time to make sure I was giving the responses considerable thought, and because part way though I had a bit of a crisis about accidentally mis-branding myself as an educator. However, […]

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Dream Big or Go Home

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about having dreams, in the context of graduating and finding a job. What is my dream job? What is the difference between a good job and a great job? What’s the chance that I’ll fail? Is that saying true, you know, the one that says “aim for the moon, […]

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Experimenting with Delegating

Sacha wrote a lovely post recently about delegating. It’s been sitting open on my computer since, because I need to delegate more if I want to do more – because I’m hitting capacity. I do want to do more, so I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about what I can delegate and even […]

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Do We Need Traditional Resumes?

I just ordered some business cards. They don’t have email addresses on them, I’m trying this first 50 as an experiment in that. What they do have is a link to my website, from which you can find my LinkedIn and Brazen Careerist profiles – which should tell you anything you want to know about […]