My Current Policy on Speaker Travel Costs

Tiny Raccon perches on a pillow on a business class airline seat. Below sits a passport, in a case that says "without this I'm nothing"

About a year ago I wrote about how I get myself uninvited from unflattering speaking invitationsĀ (TL;DR I use them as negotiation practise). And last August I wrote about the different options that speakers have when it comes to travel costs – including not going. I was pretty public about not speaking if there was no […]

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Uncomfortable Conversations About Money

money flower

When it comes to speaking at a conference which involves some travel costs, there are four* main options: The conference pays. The company you work for pays. You pay. You don’t go. The Conference Pays I think this, announced up front, is the most inclusive option because it means you don’t have to talk about […]

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