Thinking Like a Programmer

Petersen Graph

CA assignment 3 is now out, and in class today we were looking at the stuff we needed for question 2 (which is ex. 7.1 in the textbook). It’s to manually solve the isomorphism for the two graphs below: So I start sketching this out, and then it occurs to me that – ooh, I […]

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I ♥ Haskell

I knew there was a tighter way to write the derangement code for my assignment, but my Haskell was really rusty and what I had was fast, so I gave up. This morning it came to me – now I have 5 lines instead of 8. I do not have any idea how one would […]

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At the moment, I’m taking a class in Combinatorial Algorithms. You can probably gather from the things that I write about here that this is not my passion… however so far it’s better than expected. We’re moving onto backtracking. If you know a functional language such as Haskell or ML (I know there are others, […]

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