Why I Hate Budget Airlines

I know I’m a diva about air travel. I have favourite airports* and also most hated airports**. To be clear, I think more competition, and anything that gets more people travelling and exploring the world is a good thing. These comments refer to European budget airlines. It’s Not Actually Much Cheaper OK – sometimes it really […]

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Fear and Safety

My friend and I went to Bangkok for the long weekend. We relaxed in the spa, swam in the outdoor pool, explored the shops, got lost and wondered around the city. Rode in a tuk tuk. I wondered, why it was that we spent more time at the hotel than I would usually. Than I […]

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About 3 weeks ago, I sat in San Francisco airport and waited, as the delay on my flight crept up and up. Some time around 5pm, when I’d been there since 10am, I felt like, I could cry right then. Just start sobbing. In public. The lounge had closed, and I was sitting by the […]