Game: Feminist Art Genres

I love art. But my preference is for modern, abstract art. I’m not as big a fan of classical art. Mainly because it is an artistic manifestation of the patriarchy. It might not be as crude as Playboy, but the lens of the male gaze pervades. This art wasn’t made for me, because this art […]

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It’s Not That Big a Deal

As an Angry Internet Feminist™, every incident I point out has multiple parts. I notice and say something. Tone policing, on whether I should have noticed it. After all, it’s not that big a deal. Someone uses “he” when they should say “they”? Not that big a deal. Mild objectification of women in something that […]

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Intellectual Feminism, and Sexist Pigs

I love Big Bang Theory (Amazon), but, and bear with me for a depressing though of the day, I think Sheldon is the most feminist of all the guys. Of course, that is in large part because he despises everyone as being beneath him, but the people who has has a little-more-than-grudging respect for include: Amy Farrah Fowler, […]


Female Chauvinist Pigs

Continuing my education in Feminism, I’ve been reading this, mind-blowing, book – Female Chauvinist Pigs, by Ariel Levy (Amazon). Essentially it’s about how the sexualization of women and the increasing sexual promiscuity of women is not female liberation. To be clear, the book is not anti-sex. It’s pro-sex. But, sex for pleasure and not for […]

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Pride and Prejudice and a Timely Reminder

“Someone once said to you that you didn’t have a romantic bone in your body, and I’ve come to think they were right…” My friend and mentor says. I forget where the conversation went from there, but I feel that she would have been shocked to find me curled up with Pride and Prejudice (free on […]

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Am I a Feminist? Depends on Your Definition

There are certain things I am, but don’t necessarily talk about that much. I’m atheist, but I don’t feel the need to argue about it anymore. I’m a feminist, but I’m not screaming it from the rooftops. In the circles in which I move, I tend to assume the programmers are atheist or at least […]