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Google vs. Censored Internet

Of course, I’ve been following the debate about Google leaving China and the fallout. There’s a good summary in the NYT, as well as a piece on Sergey Brin and his childhood in the Soviet Union. I really love the evil meter. I was in China in 2007 for about 3 months. I’d braced myself […]

Facebook Social Networking

Facebook Lite

I’m quite excited about this, it’s being talked up in the press as a way for people with slow connections to access the site, but having recently been living somewhere where the internet was heavily censored, I’m more excited that accessing Facebook through a proxy site will be easier and a better experience.


The Great Firewall of China

I’m writing this from beyond the Great Firewall of China. Twitter went down two weeks ago. Facebook went down a couple of days later. There’s rioting going on and the irony is – if I didn’t want to know why Facebook and Twitter were down I probably never would have known anything about it. It’s […]