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#GGDOttawa: Art, Life and Programming

When I was doing my undergrad in Edinburgh, in around my second year, I was at a ceilidh, and a guy asked me out on a date. And I said, “sure”. Then, he asked my roommate if I was single, which was a little bizarre. And finally, he tried to “get to know me”. We […]

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Questions from my Art, Life and Programming Lecture

Should I switch to mac? Is it hard to get used to? Yes, switching to Mac was the best thing I ever did and does wonders for my productivity. I have found it much easier to develop on Macs than on Windows. Are there places children shouldn’t go on the internet? I think this question […]

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Art, Life and Programming: Programming

Earlier, we talked about how programmers weren’t perhaps what you expect. Code isn’t either. Programmers used to program using series of 1’s and 0’s punched into cards (crikey!) but that’s not the case any more. Program code has got more and more high level, and some languages are actually quite readable by humans! Some programming […]

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Art, Life and Progamming: Life

This video shows the evolution of special effects in cinematography. Because the movie studios are often at the edge of computer graphics work, it illustrates the evolution of 100 years of technology. Credit: flickr / takomabibelot, flickr / Kuzeytac ( So, SO busy…), flickr / HuTDoG83 Through human history, there have been various inventions and […]

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Art, Life and Programming: Art

Credit: flickr /, flickr / david.nikonvscanon, flickr / Joaquín Martínez Rosado What is art anyway? A painting in a museum? A sculpture? An iconic photograph? All of that and more? Art is a product of human creativity, and there are various medium we can use for it. Technology is changing art, because it provides […]

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Art, Life and Programming: Introduction

This is where I introduce myself. Graduate student, computer science. Originally from Europe. Bachelors degree from the University of Edinburgh. Working on Twitter, data-mining, and visualization. 24, so not actually that old, and what I’m going to be talking about are for the most part developments that have happened in my lifetime. I really want […]

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Time to Pull Myself Together

On Monday, I’m giving my “Art, Life and Programming” presentation. I’m a little burnt out after a crazy semester and frankly terrified, because I’m presenting in French. So since I got back to Canada, I’ve been working on revising my slides and thinking about what I’m going to talk about. It’s turned out, that there’s […]