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A Little Bit Of Data is a Dangerous Amount

When you have no data, everyone agrees: need more data. When you have a lot of data, what is happening is pretty clear. When you have a little bit of data, people can extrapolate. “It might show X”, “It might show Y”. Often declared without the caveats. Because “we don’t really know” is a much less compelling story, […]

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Exploring a Conference Hashtag

My supervisor had the idea of grabbing a conference dataset by hashtag, specifically the Eclipse Conference 2010 (hashtag #ese) which took place in Ludwigsburg, Germany, November 2nd to November 4th. You can get an idea of what people were talking about in the wordle, below (applet is here): Apparently there were a lot of RT’s. We’ll […]

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My Journal is Online

Now that my iPhone is unlocked (yay!) and has a data plan, I can play Foursquare. Which is exciting for me, but I know some people hate it and my boyfriend has been getting all angsty about giving up my privacy for nothing. The thing is though, I love tracking things. I track the applications […]