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The Attention Game

There are many things that alarm me about the tech industry, but one of them is how much of it runs on ads, and therefore on attention. A business model of millions of users -> ??? -> Profit. And the answer to ??? is: sell them shit. There are two main themes that I think […]


#iOSDevUK: Tehila Sabag: Mobile Monetization – Navigating in a Free Eco-System

My notes from Tehila’s talk at iOSDevUK. StartApp – mobile monetisation platform. Brains and beauty of the mobile industry. Right ad, right time, right user. Using BA tools and data. Beauty side – most engaging and appealing ads. How do you make your app stand out in a crowd? How do I retain the user? […]

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The Social Network Business Plan

So as I mentioned in an earlier post, I’ve been reading The Social Network Business Plan. The premise of which is that the next big thing will be Social Networks built around products or services, for which there are 18 revenue channels – including subscription, conferences or “get-togethers”, and finally chopping up what people are […]