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Review: 40 Days of Dating

Sometimes I feel like we’re two aliens, from different planets with different languages, trying to communicate via Skype without electricity. Sigh. I spent a few hours over the break reading the 40 Days of Dating project. Two designers, friends with opposite attitudes to (and problems in) relationships conduct an experiment in dating each other, for 40 days. […]

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Sydney 2013: Sculptures and the Sea

I had a brief stop in Sydney between Bali and Barcelona, mostly spending quality time with friends, but I also got in some cultural activities. The Ansel Adams exhibit at the Maritime Museum is small but stunning (open until December 8th), and of course, Sculptures by the Sea (ended November 10th, but will be in Perth […]

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A BS Metric for “Diversity”

Recently, I got to use the fact that I am a huge art nerd, to help a team I was on. It was awesome, because I actually felt appreciated – and there’s been something of a dearth of that lately, and because it was a showcase of the positive effects of diversity (something we had […]

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Eliminating the Dominant Hue from an Image

I thought it would be interesting to invert the idea of showing only the dominant hue, and show everything but that instead. I used the exact same code, but inverted the if statement so: if (!hueInRange(hue, lower, upper)) became if (hueInRange(hue, lower, upper)) Effect is as follows, as with most of these, my favourite effect […]

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Art Adventures!

My friend Diana and I went to the White Rabbit Gallery. It was really cool – they have some really interesting pieces, and a great cafe featuring delicious dumplings! My favorite was the balloon, which I was restrained from investigating further as it is a “really dangerous machine” – of course this just enhanced it’s […]