4 thoughts on “Book: Steal Like an Artist

  1. Spooky! I read this book yesterday and I agree with your observations.

    I would add that I was pleased to see a discussion on “limitations”. Before I was a programmer I was a guitarist, and my teacher told me at age 9 that the reason the guitar is such a suitable instrument for kids as well as adults is the fact that it only has 6 strings, and 20 (ish) frets. There are only so many notes one can play. The art is in HOW you play them.

    In my sad adult life the inverse is true for programming. For any problem there are N^Avogadro solutions. SOmetimes I hate that, and become crippled by it. This also means I totally get the need to produce “patterns” books; on a day to day basis one simply has to start somewhere!

    So yeah, this book resonated for me on lots of levels.

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